Why us?


Educational program is based on the workshop system organized by our professional associates who work with the kids in specialized premises.

We have pedagogic, artistic, drama and music workshops as well as workshops for speech therapy, physical education and sports activities.

All pedagogic activities are supervised by our dear friend, graduated pedagogue Jelena Holcer who has broad working experience. Our team of kindergarten teachers together with Jelena is ready to solve every problem.

You will be entitled for a subvention as we are accredited by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development.


Our dear friend, prim. dr Dragomir Branković – neonatologist and pediatrician, will be supervising the health of our children twice a month through general check-ups during which the control of the vaccination and health record keeping will be maintained.


Meals are prepared and delivered by catering service Iz mamine kuhinje. Teams of cooks together with a nutritionist prepare healthy and diverse meals. The company works according to the HACCP food safety system. Food is controlled by the Center for Food Testing, which cooperates with foreign and domestic institutes and laboratories.


Transport to and from the kindergarten is arranged by the minibus equipped with homologated child seats (Maxi-Cosi ), with seat belts.


Aqua Winn filters we use improve water quality. The filtered water does not contain chemical impurities, bacteria, heavy metals, chlorine, toxic and cancerous substances. As a result of this unique technology we have healthy water in our kindergarten every day.


A special emphasis is put on hygiene. We use chemicals for professional cleaning by German company Kiehl. The products are certified by the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection.


Our wooden playground is approved by the European Commission for Standardization and Security (TC52/WG10).


On the top floor of the house there is a planetarium. It is the highest room in the house from which we have a beautiful view of Belgrade. Here we set up a professional telescope for the children to observe celestial bodies.

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