Our values

Children are our greatest gift. The role of parents is the most beautiful, but also the most difficult. It is important for us that children have a happy and carefree childhood in order to grow into happy and stable people. Family is this safe haven where we are all protected.

Some of us grew up in Tashmajdan or Kalemegdan, some in a kindergarten, and others with their grandparents. We all remember falling from a bicycle, making a snowman and playing in the sand. These are dear memories to us -injured knees, every ice cream eaten before lunch, every tooth that fell out before going to school. These are the moments that remain imprinted in our memories.

Join us! Together we can enjoy excursions and experience nature, sing, learn, play on the playground, splash the puddles, eat pancakes and drink juice we freshly squeeze ourselves.

Let’s learn good manners together, to respect parents and teachers and much more.

We will carefully listen to every child in order to discover their talents, help them obtain working habits and facilitate their healthy mental and physical development.

Our priority is to make our kids happy – to take them on a trip or a camp for the first time, to teach them first ballet steps or to swim. Possibly even the love for the future occupation starts here and we bring up future basketball players, doctors, pilots or actors. Nice memories of their teachers and their friends with whom they may even end up in schools will be made here.

We would like you to help us become a big family. Our team of teachers and professional associates with extensive experience will make this possible.

We are starting this year 2017/2018.

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